About Me

Bridal makeup artist, makeup artist, makeup course, eyebrows tattooing based in Gold Coast Brisbane
Bridal makeup artist, makeup artist, makeup course, eyebrows tattooing based in Gold Coast Brisbane

About Lucia

Lucia is a trained cosmetic tattooing professional, hair stylist and makeup artist based in Gold Coast. Over 15 years of experience in Taiwan and Australia have brought Lucia to where she is today as an expert in the world of beauty.

Training as a makeup artist in Taiwan and taking her cosmetic tattooing course in Australia, Lucia offers a special and very deep understanding of both Western and Asian fashion. Amongst other events, Lucia has worked at Taiwan Fashion Week and has provided makeup services for runway events.

With experience tattooing over 500 pairs of eyebrows and doing makeup for over 1000 unique faces, Lucia prides herself on her unmatched ability to know exactly what works with every individual’s features and face shape. There is no ‘one size fits all’ with Lucia, who works to enhance your distinctive natural beauty with every service she offers.

Lucia lives to bring out the best in every individual, and loves nothing more than seeing you walk out the door beaming with confidence.


About Lucia Face Art

Who are we?
Owned and run by Lucia herself, Lucia Face Art is a Gold Coast beauty business with a mission to enhance your natural assets. We work to strengthen not overpower your look and believe that every woman and man should feel comfortable in their own skin.

What do we do?
Offering bridal makeup, bridal hair, special occasion makeup and eyebrow tattooing services, we help clients to achieve the look they most desire. Additionally, our makeup courses in Gold Coast help you to use the products you have at home to their greatest potential.
Despite mostly working one on one with clients in her everyday life, over the years Lucia has built up a network of highly skilled makeup artists in Gold Coast who can be hired for group bookings and events.

What are our values?

  • Forever learning | We know that being the best in the field involves continuous learning. Accordingly, despite 15 years in the field we continue to upgrade our skills and work to stay on top of our game.
  • Only the best | We use the very best methods, in order to derive the very best results. Our unique microblading and feather touch eyebrow tattooing is carried out with top of the range equipment. Such methods enable us to create pain-free, long-lasting, finely detailed eyebrows for our clients.
  • Responsibility and health | We recognise that some beauty procedures are safer than others. As a result, our cosmetic tattoo pigments are Tartrazine and heavy metal-free, 100% cruelty free and are safe for humans and the environment. Clients can also rest assured that at our Gold Coast beauty studio, our hygiene protocol is strict and rigorously implemented.
  • Everyone is different | We understand that every individual who walks through the door is different. At Lucia Face Art, we try our best to make everyone feel comfortable and at home. It is important to us that our work builds upon your own unique style.

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