Hair and Makeup Trends for Gold Coast Festivals and Events

5 July 2024

For anyone who is residents in the ‘young and happening’ Gold Coast, the ideal look for festivals and events may be complemented well with the right hair and make over. A glamorous event you might be going to a beach music festival or a fancy evening party, trendsetting hair and makeup set you apart. Here is a list of current trends to get the most fabulous festival and event hair, perfect for the Gold Coast.

 Boho-Chic Vibes

The Bohemian ideology used in creating hair and makeup Gold Coast is well-loved Festivals to this day. Chose effortless, messy waves to say ‘I do’ while sporting flowers on the hair. Team this up with natural makeup, with blush and rustic tones complemented with twinkling highlighters to get the boho-chic look perfectly.

 Bold and Bright Colors

 These pieces are stylish and perfect for those Gold Coast festivals enthusiasts who like to stand out in vivid colors. Play with bolder eye shadows in turquoise, coral or electric blue for that more daring look. It is recommended that one should complete the eye makeup by wearing a matching lip color that is strong and lively to make a fun and self-assured statement.

 Glitter and Sparkle

The basics such as glitter and sparkle remained popular when it comes to costumes of the attendees in Gold Coast festivals. Regardless of the type of shimmer – fine or ever glitter, putting it on your face makes the makeup magical. Take glitter on your eyelids, cheeks or somehow even our hair follicles for the glittering when the festival is illuminated.

 Neon Accents

 Neon makeup accents can be the staple for those events that occur in the evening or those parties that are being held on the golden coast. For that avant-garde look, try using neon eyeliner in the shade of green, pink or fresh orange. Combine this with yellow/highlighter on the apples of your cheeks and on your temples for a perfect festival glow.

 Braided Hairstyles

 Some lovely braided hairstyles as applied at Gold Coast festivals are also convenient. It is recommended to go for several complex braids like the fishtail, Dutch, waterfall braids to keep the hair off the face and still appear stylish. For the follower touch of bohemian sophistication, one can add other minor ornaments such as beads or ribbons to the braids.

 Metallic Accents

Makeup with metallic touches is perfect for a festival look, that will make you shine. Hypothesize that using metallic eyeshadows in gold, silver, or bronze will capture the eye makeup look. This should be paired with a foily highlight on the cheek and collar bones for that magical shimmering under the lights.

 Statement Hair Accessories

 Statement hair accessories go hand in hand with festive wear of Gold Coast and look ready to wear! Accessorize your hair style with bright headbands, scarves, or large flower clips or any bouquet of flowers. They serve aesthetic purposes as well as serve practical use of keeping the hair in place especially during outdoor activities.

 Natural and Fresh

 For a glamorous look but not too dramatic, the natural fresh look is always on point during Gold Coast events. Keep the makeup minimal; apply a small amount of makeup foundation with slightly shiny and blend it with blusher and apply a small amount of lip balm. Allow hair to be naturally wavy messy or, have hair tied in a low pony tail for a chic natural look.

 Beachy Waves and Tanned Skin

 Company with the Gold Coast’s surfer girl feel and come bearing sandy hair and beautiful tan. If you want to get some messy light wave in your hair then must use salty water spray and give your face a naturally beautiful tinge with bronzer and highlighter. This careless appearance suits the daytime activities such as beach festivals and other outdoor activities that are conducted under the sun.

 Edgy and Experimental

 These are the trends seen stereotypically for party-goers this year: for the festival-goers who dare and who want to look daring, more and more risky and avant-garde styles are becoming the norm. Play around with graphic eyeliners, or get free with hairstyles or lip colors for women to unleash creativity. Encourage daring solutions which would not have been expected from the festival makeup and hair designs.


 Entertainment in Gold Coast is all about freedom of personalities and the energetic mood of the celebration. If you are a fan of boho fashion, loud and cheerful tones, or desperate velvet avant-garde Style, this is a plus to face paint and hair styling. Try out these trends in order to come up with quite revealing hairstyles that depict your desired personality each and every time you are in the Gold Coast events. Here I went for a bold brow with a messy center part and tousled hair – here, some chic and elegant hairstyle with subtle makeup that will make a girl ready to perpetrate in the next festival on the Gold Coast.

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