Makeup Courses on the Gold Coast

Training Courses

We love making a person look stunningly beautiful, but nothing beats the euphoria of seeing someone learn and apply professional makeup artistry techniques themselves. We want all women and men to feel confident in their own skin and to appreciate their own natural beauty. Accordingly, we offer makeup courses in Gold Coast for individuals looking to use professional techniques at home.

At Lucia Face Art, we strongly believe in using what you already have. You don’t need to buy new makeup products to look beautiful. Often, we find that our clients have a handful of great products already but don’t know how to derive the greatest potential from them. That’s why we’re here.

Our 90 minute makeup courses teach you how to take your natural assets and enhance them without the need of a makeup artist. We teach you proper application techniques so that you can recreate your favourite looks at home or establish your own makeup routine. During our makeup courses, learn about corrective beauty cosmetic application for the skin, eyes, lips and cheeks, and learn about how your face shape should influence your makeup.

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